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When a client or friend is considering the sale of their business we would welcome the opportunity to explain our services to them. In appreciation we will share up to 10% of our fee.


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The process of arriving at a value of your business is perhaps the most important step in the sale of your business. Empire would welcome the opportunity to provide you with a free market assessment of your business.
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If you are seriously looking into the arena of owning your own business and you would like to discuss your acquisition search criteria in greater detail, please feel free to call me anytime (you can call in the evening or weekends).
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Empire Business Associates understands the decision to sell or buy a business is both an emotional and a financial undertaking.

Our principle, Michael W. Benson, owned his own computer company and sold it, and understands first hand what's involved.

For over fifteen years, Empire Business Associates has been helping business owners in Northeast Ohio sell and buy companies. Our sales, mergers, and acquisitions office is affiliated nationally with Global M&A Services, with offices nationwide. If you are thinking of buying or selling a business, please take some time to review our web site - you will find a wealth of information available to you.

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